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SPS Mppt Solar Hybrid Inverter 2KVA-24V-55VOC ( HS2000A )

SPS Mppt Solar Hybrid Inverter 2KVA-24V-55VOC ( HS2000A )

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Data Sheet
SPS MPPT Hybrid Inverter Datasheet

Highly modern configured MPPT based Solar Inverter . Having Switching MOSFET based Inverter and having DSP based intelligent Technology.
7 Days Replacement via BiGGPanTheR. 2 Year warranty from Manufactures .

Solar Mode & Hybrid Mode (Left Switch )
If this is OFF :- Inverter will be in Hybrid mode.In this mode, inverter will charge from both solar and grid. If Solar present, it will charge the battery from Solar. If solar light is not detected, then it will charge from Grid/mains.
If this is ON :- Inverter will be in Solar mode.Inverter will charge the battery from Solar Only.

24 Voltage System
When the battery voltage reaches 28V it would disconnect your inverter from mains and entire load runs on battery & Solar. In evening, when solar power is low or battery voltage is below 23V, it will switch to mains.

Note: Please note the connection ways, connect the battery first, then connect the solar panel.

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