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SPS AutoSelect MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12/24V BLUE-40

SPS AutoSelect MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12/24V BLUE-40

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This MPPT Solar Charge Controller is the best MPPT Charge Controller that extracts 100% power from panels and boosts current. However ,PWM Solar charge controller, doesn't extract full power from panels . It supports LA, SMF, Tubular, Solar batteries and with 4 stage charging (Bulk, Absorption, Float & Equalize), it performs controlled charges and ensures longer battery life . In MPPT vs PWM test, MPPT charge controller circuit has >95% to 98% efficiency. This solar MPPT charge controller has been designed for Load Shedding mode, and you can connect your existing inverter or ups with it. When the battery voltage reaches 28 it would disconnect your inverter so that entire load runs on battery. In evening, when solar power is low or battery voltage is below 23 v, it will switch to mains. Note: Please note the connection ways, connect the battery first, then connect the solar panel. MPPT checks output of PV module, compares it to battery voltage then fixes what is the best power that PV module can produce to charge the battery and converts it to the best voltage to get maximum current into battery. It can also supply power to a DC load, which is connected directly to the battery. MPPT algorithm can be applied to both of them depending on system design. Normally, for battery system voltage is equal or less. MPPT solar charge controllers are useful for off-grid solar power systems such as stand-alone solar power system, solar home system and solar water pump system, etc

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